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Main courses

Rack of lamb with rosemary and garlic 29,00 
Suggestion of the week  


fried in butter 22,00 
with pepper 23,00 
with mushrooms 23,00 
Provinciale 23,00 
with hand whipped béarnaise 24,00

Fish dishes

Fish stew 'Strooyen Hen 22,00 
Scampi Salad Chef with fries or pasta 23,00
Salmon with stir-fried vegetables Chef 23,00 
Fish suggestion of the week 24,00 
Salad of smoked salmon with scampi and a shrimp croquette 25,00 


Spaghetti 12.00
Grilled cheese sandwich with salad 12.00
Grilled cheese sandwich with salad and pineaple 13.00
Grilled cheese sandwich with salad and bolognese 13.00
Two sandwiches with cheese and ham and salad 10.00

hors d'oeuvre

Soup of the day 5,50
Scampi with Apple & Curry 14,00
Prawns in Cream with Garlic 14,00
Turret of Smoked Salmon with Garnish 14,00
Composition of shrimp croquettes, scampi's and shrimps 14,00
Cheese croquettes mediterrane 13,00

Children's menus

Children Steak with fries and applesauce 12,00
breaded chicken with fries and applesauce 9,50
Fries with hot dog, apple sauce and sauce 7,00
Scampi with fries 14,00